Thursday, 21 May 2009

Batida: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Brazilian gentlemen Rômulo Cyríaco & Bruno Negrao had a great idea for a new event called Batida. Now 'Batida' in Portuguese means 'Beat' (a musical beat), or a 'Crash', but there's another meaning to the word, used in an expression, that is to say, that something is out of fashion, old, not cool, not hype. That in fact, is what attracted Rômulo the most: ".. because to name the party BATIDA, is like calling it an OUT OF FASHION PARTY but by not saying that exactly. The word has many meanings, so it's an open title. You could think that, and you could also think other things. It's like self-imposed irony, and I like that."

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The final choice:

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"The idea is that something (the music) can stay out of fashion for a whole decade, but suddenly become cool again.." Rômulo continued, "I'm also getting tracks that are new and are going to be out of fashion soon. Also, tracks that are new which somehow relate to the old ones... electronic music mainly."

Recently, Bruno visited Montreal and saw an exhibition of Robert Longo's work. For the visual concept of the party, the guys hoped that I could somehow incorporate Longo's 'Men in the Cities, 1979' artwork in to the work that I was to present to them. After a lot of thought, we decided to go ahead and use Robert Longo's illustrations with the hope that if he were to see this work, that he'd understand that we are merely giving glory to his talent and spreading the word of everything that is Robert Longo. Go see his work and enjoy.

The guys were great to ask me to create the first visual identity for the launch of this new venture. We're hoping that the party will be a success.

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